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Design philosophy

As a designer, it’s all too easy to focus entirely on the appearance of a website, and forget that it must also function correctly and efficiently. I take pride in the websites I create; not only being graphically pleasing to the eye, but also being easy to use, reliable and secure.

Navigating the web should be a simple, enjoyable, secure and inclusive experience; making information easily accessible and interaction clear and instant. This is always my main goal when designing any website; from ecommerce online shopping websites to Legal and Accountancy websites. Semantic design plays a key part in this role and I ensure that my content and styling are kept separate, in order to simplify and reduce costs during future updates and maintenance.

In order to meet these requirements, I base my designs on FOUR key design principles. These principles are applied right at the start of the initial draft and maintained throughout the design process:

Ramzan is a freelance web designer who specialises in creating unique, eye-catching and professional websites.


Apart from being good practice, it makes perfect sense to make a website useable by as large an audience as possible. From cross browser compatibility to intuitive navigation and legibility; creating an accessible website is important commercially and ethically.

Content & Semantics

If you want a visitor to stay on your website for more than 10 secs, you need to grab and maintain their interest. This means that not only should you make the purpose of your site clear, but also structure the content to make it relevant, interesting and easy to digest. Simple designs are often the most effective.


A website should stand out from the rest of the crowd. This doesn't mean just using fancy animations, colours & graphics, but making the overall experience as satisfying and memorable as possible.

Standards Compliance

Designing a website to agreed W3C standards ensures that it will be viewable on as my different browsers and operating systems as possible, whilst also aiding SEO and Accessibility.