About Ramzan

My web design background and origins

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About me

I am a freelance graphics and website designer based in the UK, who specialises in creating intuitive and user friendly websites. My websites are designed from the ground-up with SEO, accessibility and W3C best practices in mind.

High quality design goes beyond stunning good looks; my designs harness accessibility, usability and technology and go beyond the boundaries of your website to make it a success.

The W3C web standards are more than just about the successful validation of code. They provide a strong foundation for websites that run faster; are search engine friendly; accessible to any platform and are future proof. I take pride in ensuring that all my projects are designed to be fully W3C standards compliant.

Ramzan is a freelance web designer who specialises in creating unique, eye-catching and professional websites.


My web development career originally started out as a hobby back in 1997 when working on my personal blog. From then on I developed new skills and techniques and began coding for others.

In early 2003 I started to offer my services to small businesses and began by designing a static website for a boutique based in Leeds. Following this initial success, I continued to develop more complex and dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL, leading to CMS and ecommerce websites.

By 2007 my websites began to incorporate new Web 2.0 features using the latest XHTML/CSS standards and AJAX technologies. During this time I had also taught myself Flash animation and 3d video animation using 3d Studio Max.

Today, a good portion of my new projects come from referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients!